Hugo McCloud: Timeline

Installation view of Timeline at Fondazione 107, Turin Installation view of Timeline at Fondazione 107, Turin

Fondazione 107
07 Nov 2015 — 06 Dec 2015

Fondazione 107, in partnership with Luce Gallery, presents Timeline, Hugo McCloud’s solo show, curated by Federico Piccari.

Hugo McCloud intervenes building inside the spaces of Foundation 107 three places: the shops in which the artist worked in his youth and that contributed to his professional education.

Being aware of the fact that people are the result of their own experiences, McCloud retraces through the crafts, his being an artist himself; to do so, he merges in this solo show traces and fragments of different lives and worlds. He builds “Memory Rooms” using his artworks and transforming windows and mirrors in artworks.
Beside his traditional paintings made with bitumen, vines and metals, the artist shows for the first time his sculptures, in which he put in live parrots.

Visitors will be involved in the three different situations created in the three spaces by assuming roles that will make them observers and observed.


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